Difficult Texts

 Over the years, as I have presented Bible studies in hundreds of homes from Northern Oklahoma, across Texas and Southern Florida, I still get the same questions over and over concerning certain Bible verses. They are good questions about verses that can be hard to understand. They deserve good answers. Below I have shared some of these questions that I am often asked. I am not smart enough to answer all these questions. However I am sharing how the Bible solves its own dilemma. After each difficult question is a link that will provide the Biblical solution. I hope you find this section of my website useful. If you have any Bible texts that are hard for you to understand, there is a very good chance the rest of us have had trouble understanding it too. Please e-mail me any difficult texts that are not already listed below and I will share them here. Together we will find the Bible answer. You may e-mail me at LayPastor@TampaAdventist.net

Did Jesus tell everyone He would be in the grave three nights as well as three days? http://inlightofthecross.com/jonah.html

Is 1 Timothy 5:23 proof we all should drink fermented wine? http://inlightofthecross.com/timothy.html

Examine the eight verses in the Bible mentioning the first day of the week. Do any of these verses tell us Sunday is now sacred? http://inlightofthecross.com/sunday.html

Is there really no forgiveness if we willfully sin? http://inlightofthecross.com/forgiveness.html

What does Paul really teach about speaking in tongues? http://inlightofthecross.com/tongues.html

Did God already decide before Jacob and Esau were ever born, that Jacob would be saved but Esau would be lost? http://inlightofthecross.com/esau.html 

Did God give Pharaoh no choice but to have a hard heart? http://inlightofthecross.com/pharaoh.html

Does Jesus tell a parable teaching us that we go straight to heaven or hell when we die, instead of resting in the grave until He returns? http://inlightofthecross.com/lazarus.html

What did Paul mean when he said he would rather be absent from the body and be with Jesus? http://inlightofthecross.com/absent.html

Are souls literally under the altar of God now? http://inlightofthecross.com/altar.html

Does Saul talk to Samuel even after Samuel has died? http://inlightofthecross.com/saul.html

Is Matthew 24:37-41 about the secret rapture? http://inlightofthecross.com/rapture.html

Were the Commandments and the Sabbath done away with at the cross? http://inlightofthecross.com/colossians.html

What did Paul mean by, “We are under grace” and not the law? http://inlightofthecross.com/grace.html

Do Matthew 15 and Acts 10 tell us we can eat anything we want now? http://inlightofthecross.com/unclean.html

Do 1 Corinthians 10 and Romans 14 tell us we can eat pork? http://inlightofthecross.com/paul.html

Did Paul warn people about Seventh-day Adventists telling people they can’t eat meat? http://inlightofthecross.com/meat.html

Does Revelation 20:10 teach that sinners will be tormented throughout the endless ages of eternity? http://inlightofthecross.com/fire.html

What did Jesus mean when He said Hell was unquenchable? http://inlightofthecross.com/unquenchable.html


One thought on “Difficult Texts”

  1. I will keep these questions and your site in mind for future reference. I’ve already come across some of those questions in discussions and Bible studies.

    I just wanted to share what my Dad always told us: “Let the Bible speak for itself.”

    I think many times we are confused because we want to answer our own question or we have pre-set ideas in our mind. We just have to let go of “self” and let the Holy Spirit guide when we open the Word of God to search for answers. The Bible actually explains itself pretty well.

    And His promise is this: “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13)

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