25 Random Things About Me (William Earnhardt)

017I am writing today from the Beautiful Tampa Bay area.

25 Random Things About me


  1. 1.     I am the same age as the Super bowl. I am 43 and it is super bowl 43 today. If I am alive to see Super bowl 100 I better get free tickets!

    2.     I am not named after my father, Bill. His name is Billy Leroy Earnhardt and my name is William DeWayne Earnhardt. I am named after my mother’s father, William and Uncle John DeWayne.

    3.     I remember sitting in church no older than 3 or 4 watching the preacher, not hoping or wanting, but knowing I would be a gospel worker one day.

    4.     I lived in Oklahoma and Texas for 38 years and never saw a tornado.

    5.     I have never touched alcohol or cigarettes or any illegal drugs.

    6.     I would rather listen to a sports game on radio than watch it on TV. Don’t ask me why.

    7.     In high school I wrote the lyrics to a prayer response song that was used in our church for several months.

    8.     I gave my first Bible study in a home in my neighborhood when I was 15. I was just going door to door. The couple visited our church later at my invitation.

    9.     I preached my first sermon when I was 15.

    10.                        I have seen three presidents in person. Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. Interestingly I saw one before he was president. One while he was president and one after he was president. (Bush before, Nixon during, Carter after.)

    11.                        When I was a child my next door neighbor wrote a puppet skit and he and I performed the skit on a local cable TV show.

    12.                        When I was thirteen I was bragging in science class that I had never broken a bone in my body. In our next class, P.E., not forty minutes later, I broke my collar bone playing football. It was cool though, because Bob Griese, my favorite quarterback had also broken his collar bone.

    13.                        I had seen the gulf or ocean several times on family vacations as a child. In my adult life I had never been to the ocean or gulf until in 2003 I took a trip to Galveston to see the gulf just in case I never got another chance. Should have saved the trip as the next year I moved to Tampa Bay.

    14.                        When I was 12 and 13 years old my neighbor and I would walk down to Skelly Stadium where the Tulsa Roughnecks of the NASL would practice. We would kick the ball around with the players and I even got to interview one or two with my personal recorder. The soccer players were very real and personal. Now I shake my head at today’s stars wondering who do they think they are?

    15.                        I was the first person to graduate in my school. I was there the first year it went to twelve grades and my name came first in alphabetical order.

    16.                        There is an Adventist pastor who has been crossing my path all my life. His name is Jim Ferguson. When I was 7 we moved into a house down the street from his. When I was a teenager I preached at his church in Owasso, OK. Later I was a Bible Worker at another church he had just worked for in Claremore, OK. I then preached in Stillwater while he was there. In Texas he pastored the Breckenridge church right after I left being Bible Worker there. He then pastored the Weatherford, TX church right after I left being the lay pastor there. I also preached several times in the Chickasha and Southern Hills churches in Oklahoma right after he left those churches.

    17.                        When I was a kid I had a nightmare that I fell down an elevator shaft. To this day I do not step onto an elevator until I have looked down and seen the elevator floor.

    18.                        I have lived in all three states that have panhandles and only states that have panhandles. Oklahoma, Texas and Florida.

    19.                        I have had both Jeb and George for governors.

    20.                        I have been to every state West of the Mississippi except Alaska and Hawaii. I have been to every state east of the Mississippi except the extreme North east. I have also been to Canada, Mexico and Peru.

    21.                        A couple of years ago, after buying a brand new car, I woke up at 3am. After realizing what time it was and that I was awake, I jumped in my new car and headed for the East Coast where I watched the sunrise, had breakfast at McDonalds and then drove back to Tampa to work. Later in the evening I drove to Clearwater where I watched the sunset on the west coast. That was one of the most spontaneous things I ever did until last December when on the spur of the moment I drove to Louisiana to golf the next day with a friend.

    22.                        I love photography, golfing, kayaking and biking. Four things I never really did until I moved to Florida.

    23.                        I love being single. I have several married friends and have never felt like a third wheel. I think the term third wheel was invented by a married person who did not like single people. I have friends from every marital or single status, race, gender, age and religion. I simply love people no matter who they are. If a Red Sox fan showed up at my door wanting water I would not turn him away.

    24.                         Out of all the titles and positions I have had in life, being my nieces’ uncle is the one I am most proud of. I think they are proud of me too. J

    25.                        In the 80s I loved the show Unsolved Mysteries. None of my friends really like it so every Wednesday night I would come home from prayer meeting, get a cherry coke and watch the show by myself. It may sound corny but it became what I called, “my special all by myself time.” To this day, while I love and treasure all of my friends and family I have always made sure I also have a “special all by myself time.”


One Comment

  1. Wiliam: It is very nice to know these nice and intresting things about you. I believe it helps others to know you are human too…lol..and not just a teacher. You are reachable. I really enjoy reading your website and your blogs. Keep up the good work. You are a very good person William, I knew that from the first day we met. Thank you for always being there for us and so many others. You are an inspiration and a motivator in our lives. Tampa First is very lucky to have you as a team member. We pray for you all daily. We will see you soon. The blog is great.


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