Solo Con Dios

new-bike-016I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area. 

Last Friday I bought a new bicycle. It is a Specailized Hardrock mountain bike. With the economy the way it is and car dealers supposedly making great deals these days I had my eye out for a new car if I could find a great deal. Still with the economy the way it is I was wondering if a new car was really good stewardship. I need to drive relatively new cars as I am no auto mechanic. I dropped out of the new car market though when I found this new bike.


I took my old walmart bike to the bike shop to have a tire fixed. While there I was looking around at new bikes. I have been trying to save gas money and get more exercise by riding my bike for work when I don’t absolutely need my car. I remembered a while back, a friend telling me that if I was serious about riding my bicycle instead of car all around town then I really needed to get a serious bike. So I made a compromise with myself. Instead of buying a new car I bought a nice new bicycle! Boy am I glad I did! With this new bike I glide across town! My old bike wore me out but this one is amazingly comfortable and easy to ride.


I was so excited with my new bike I rode it to church Sabbath. I left early and stopped at Lowry Park on the way where I had my personal devotions on a park bench by the river. I then rode on up to church. Sunday I had already been invited to join the Adventurers on their bike ride. I actually rode my bicycle about five miles to where the ride began. It was when I was half way there that I realized I had left me cell phone at home. I was not going to turn around on a bicycle and ride all that way back to get it. I had left early as I was not familiar with our meeting place. I left way too early! I had no trouble finding it and showed up an hour early! There I was an hour early with no cell phone, no books to read, nothing to do! That is when I heard God speak to me… “Now I have you all to myself, no distractions! You and I can just hang out and talk for a while, there is nothing to distract you.”  There are often people I wish I could spend time alone with without any distractions. I realized God wanted to spend time alone with me too. I am special to Him!


Don’t get me wrong I spend time with God but this is often how it goes. I get up in the morning and start praying. While I am praying I pray for all the people I am studying with, those in the hospital or needing encouragement. Then when I start reading my Bible my mind will wander to all the people I need to see and things I need to do and as weird as it may sound I actually feel guilty sitting there reading my Bible because there is so much I need to do! As I talked with God that morning waiting for everyone else to show up, God told me I did not need to feel guilty for spending time with Him. He reminded me He was an important Being to spend time with just as much as all my Bible study interests. He also reminded me that our conversations are real. I am not just thinking to myself and or daydreaming, but I am actually having a real conversation with another Being. God told me that while I think e-mail, cell phones and Facebook have greatly improved communications that they are actually light years behind prayer. God has something that has kept people linked together long before Facebook, it’s called “being in the Spirit.” While we have neighbors we still don’t even know and people on Facebook we still never hear from those who are in the Spirit have always been closely knitted together.


After panicking because I had no cell phone with me I realized again how awesome it was to have God’s undivided attention and for Him to have mine.


Everyone showed up and we had a great bike ride together. Afterwards I rode my bicycle home where I met my friend Adam. We rode our bikes to Davis Island and back. By the end of the day I had put over 40 miles on my bike and was not the least bit worn out! Today I am on my bike again. I have not touched my car since Friday. I am hoping this new bike will get me in better physical shape, save me money on gas and ware and tare on my car. With no stereo on my bike I am also looking forward to more time alone with God as I ride across His wonderful creation going from Bible study to Bible study!

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  1. That is a great story William and something most of us should do. That is spend more time with God without interruptions. I’m glad the bike is fun and easy to ride.


  2. How true William that we sometimes feel guilty because of “taking time” with God when there is “so much other stuff to do.” But really that’s what it is in comparison to our relationship with God. Stuff. Just stuff. We say it all the time “people are more important than things” but we need to practice it more when it comes to God. Our Father is even more important than people.

    I have considered getting a bicycle for the last year or so. We have “older” ones in the garage but I don’t feel comfortable on mine as I have to step on my tippy toes in order to stand. I just don’t feel secure on it. Plus, all the hills in Seattle are a deterrent for me. But one day … you may just see my picture on Facebook on a bike. hehe


  3. Yes with all those hills in Seattle you will want a bike that can handle them. There is a hill here that wore me out on my old bike but my new one just glided effortlessy right up that hill. Of course I still needed to pedal but compared to my old bike this one just glides effortlessly.


  4. You have to spend time with a friend or your friendship will weaken. We need to stay connected to the freind who is all and can be all, the one who is always there for us no matter what.


  5. Fantastic story! Yes, we are often distracted by so many things. God craves spending time with us, too – it’s an awesome thought, isn’t it?


  6. That’s neat William. Good looking bike! Wish I could say the same for the person that owns it 🙂 How far is it each way to church? You will greatly benefit by using that bike, both physically and financially. The only drawback is you can’t take a date on it. Unless of course she rides on the handlebars 🙂
    Take care William!


  7. I just figured out what the helmet is for. You’re always considerate of others, and now you’re considering the taxpayers of Tampa. The helmet is to protect damage to the concrete in case of a fall, right? 🙂
    Take care brother, and thanks for your help with (you know who).




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