Evangelism Team Meeting: Planning for 2010

I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area. Most of my pictures feature our beautiful gulf and bay, but this picture is of the Tampa Skyline from the beautiful Hillsborough River.

Dear Church Family,

I wanted to take a moment and share with you some of the exciting things the Tampa First Evangelism team (Members listed at bottom of this page) has planned for 2010!

  1. By God’s grace we want to have a training school right here at the church to teach people how to win souls to Christ through various soul saving methods such as Bible Studies, seminars, small groups, door to door evangelism etc. Our goal is for every member to give at least one Bible study in 2010.
  2. We want to hold several off site seminars and evangelism meetings, possibly in schools, libraries, etc. They will be taught by pastors, Bible Workers as well as our church lay family.
  3. We will be working with the church board in finding a couple Sabbaths that we can devote to various outreach activities in the community which will involve the entire church in participation according to each person’s gifts and preferences.  These activities may include literature distribution, door to door surveys and Bible studies, giving bottled water to people in the parks and giving them invitations to church, Prayer warriors while everyone is out doing their activities, etc.
  4. We will be helping families organize and participate in small study groups. Each group may have a different theme (For example I have a small golf group) but each will be very intentional in leading people to Jesus.
  5. We want to team with other churches to share Jesus with the community on a much larger scale than we ever have before.
  6. Several on our evangelism team will be going door to door and inviting others as well. We want to once again team with other churches to see what areas are being covered and which are being neglected.


These are just a few of our goals. Please pray for our evangelism team but also know that you are not only welcomed but encouraged to be a part of our soul winning efforts. Please also know that whenever you see it posted that the Evangelism Team is having a planning meeting that our meetings are opened and all are welcomed to attend!

Some churches do evangelism. God wants Tampa First to be an evangelistic movement that also does church!

May God richly bless your Christmas and New Years, and I pray He gives you a burden to join us on all our evangelistic efforts in 2010.

Your Christian Servant,


2010-2012 Tampa First SDA Church Evangelism Team:


Leader:  William Earnhardt

                   Amy Beattie

Dana Schnoor                                 Sondra Shields

Paulette Cooper                               Harrison Inniss

                                    Dan Ferree

Geraldye St. Jean                             Guether St. Jean          

Fitzgerald Peterkin                           Enid Peterkin

One Comment

  1. William:

    It sounds very good to me.

    Outreach is the reason God’s church was establish.

    Hope we become more effective in soul winning as we get closer to the end of times.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year full of blessings!


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