Acts of the Apostles-Paul a Prisoner

I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

Acts of the Apostles Chapter 38.

This chapter is based on Acts 21:17 to 23:35.

The title of this chapter reminds me of a very simple lesson. In Ephesians 3:1 Paul writes;
 "I, Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus.." and in Ephesians 4:1 Paul Writes; "I therefore, 
the prisoner of the Lord.." Thus Paul did not recognize himself as a prisoner of the
Romans, or any man. Even though he was in prison he continued to serve the Lord, and 
understood that even in his chains he could do "all things through Christ." So today, 
I often visit with those who are in less than ideal family or career situations, or 
actually in prison. I remind them of what Paul wrote about being a prisoner of Christ
 and not of man. Just like Paul, regardless of whatever situation we are in, we can
 serve Christ and do all things through Him. If we have truly given our lives to Jesus,
 we will not see ourselves as "prisoners" of any man, but rather as prisoners of Jesus
 Christ. Like Paul, our lives are not in the hands of men, but in the hands that were
 nailed to the cross for our good. 
Imagine all the letters Paul wrote while in prison, that make up the New Testament.
 If he had been “free” he could have seen those people face to face instead of 
having to write letters. If that had been so though, we would be missing valuable 
instruction in the New Testament.
You can allow yourself to be a prisoner of circumstances or you too can be a
 prisoner of the Lord, and be free to be all He wants you to be.
You may find more devotionals and studies at In Light of The Cross.

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