Evangelism Sabbath, April 10 2010

I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area, where last Sabbath, April 10, the entire Tampa First Seventh-day Adventist Church utilized the entire Church service to take the gospel into the community! Well over 200 people participated!

Over 200 people of all ages were excited to get the materials they needed and to go reach people in the community.

Eddie Kearse was a part of the group that went door to door offering Bible studies and inviting people to our Daniel Seminar we will be having in a couple of months in their neighborbood. Four people asked for Bible studies.

Mike McKinnon led a group who went prayer walking throughout the church neighborhood and even knocked on people’s doors offering prayer.

When we returned  Barbara Bennett and the fellowship team had prepared a delicous fellowship lunch where we also gave testimonies about our wonderful day. Dr. Sondra Shields above is explaining how she and the youth shared Jesus with people in the park that morning with flowers, water and literature.

All together we handed out over 4,200 pieces of literature. Invited hundreds to our evangelism seminar and shared with them Jesus and let them know about our church and the ministries that we offer.

We also had a small group stay behind at the church and pray for us while we were all out. Bob Vance led out.

  I had no idea that over 200 people would participate! When we all got back for lunch they were asking when we could do it again. Every day is Evangelism day at Tampa First, but we will be planning another day just like last Sabbath sometime in October.

In Isaiah 58 God tells us what true worship and Sabbath keeping is all about. I wonder if this Evangelism Sabbath is exactly what God had in mind.

Just to show you how eager the Tampa First Seventh-day Adventist Church is to share Jesus, just a few days before our Evangelism Sabbath I went to see Mrs. Peterkin who was in the hospital. Next to her bed were a stack of Steps to Christ books. While in the hosptial Mrs. Peterkin was handing out these books to all the workers who came into her room. She also shared with them what a wonderful book it is. Talk about taking advantage of every opportunity to share Jesus!

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