My Favorite Christmas Songs on Video

I am writing tonight from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

I trust everyone had as wonderful a time with family and friends as I did this Thanksgiving. We are now in the midst of the Christmas season. Every holiday season brings its own unique memories.  I remember my first white Christmas in the 1980’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I am kind of strange because I have always loved the cold and dark. I remember as a teenager, my parents picking me up from my after school job and going out to eat at Furr’s cafeteria at the Farm Shopping center at 51st and Sheridan. It would be dark by 5:30 or so, and afterwards we would go shopping, and the shopping center, with its Christmas decorations and dark, cool, atmosphere gave me a calm, tranquil feeling.  I remember while living in Fort Worth, for a while I worked at UPS form 3 to 8 in the morning and had a daytime delivery job on top of my preaching and giving Bible studies.  One Christmas season, between both jobs I was working from 2am to 6:30 pm most days. Finally on my last day before going home for Christmas, I finished my last delivery and then ducked into a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant to grab a bite. This again may sound funny, but it was so nice to just relax after a few weeks of working 16 hours a day, and enjoy a meal by myself before driving home for Christmas. I just sat there and enjoyed my meal thinking about how happy I was to have friends and family during the holidays, and after 16 hour works days, some money to enjoy it all. I have no clue why that memory sticks out in my mind and brings me such warm fuzzies but it does. Those work days about killed me at the time, but now I look back with nothing but fond memories. I remember playing games with my nieces, watching football with my parents, and running all over the place with my sister and brother-in-law.


Now that I am in Florida I enjoy a different kind of holiday season. To be honest, I miss the cold weather this time of year. It still gets dark early, I still get to be with my family as each year makes new memories to be treasured forever.  The combination of Christmas lights on palm trees still takes a little getting used to.  Christmas music is always one of my favorite things about Christmas. Each song is associated with its own memory and time. I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas songs with you. Here they are on video. Just click on each song to enjoy!


10. Some Day at Christmas, by Stevie Wonder


 9. Do They know it’s Christmas, by Band Aid


8.  Mary Did You Know, by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd


7. Christmas Cannon, by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

When I was out working my 16 hour days in Texas during Christmas time this song was played a lot on my car radio. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra became a favorite of mine and I have been to two of their concerts.  I have all of their CDs I think.


6.  Oh Holy Night, by Evie Tornquist

Evie was one of my favorite singers back in the ‘70s when I first got into contemporary Christian music and this album was a favorite of mine.


5. So This is Christmas, by John Lennon


4. If I get Home on Christmas Day, by Elvis (Not to be confused with “I’ll be Home for Christmas”)

 In 1979 my family and I went to Brownsville, Texas for Christmas. We hit an ice storm on our way back home to Tulsa, Oklahoma. We averaged 13 MPH on our way home on the ice. We picked up a service man hitchhiking and took him from San Antonio to Austin. We played the Elvis Christmas tape in our car over and over and this song always reminds me of that Christmas.


3. Christmas in Dixie, by Alabama


2.  Sweet Little Jesus Boy, by Casting Crowns.

These words are so true.


1. Little Drummer Boy, by David Bowie and Bing Crosby  


Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Season!


You May find studies and devotionals at In Light of The Cross.


  1. William may God truly bless you. I know He already has. I look at your life and say, “Wow, does God know how to pick them or what.” he has picked what is perfect for all of us. You are an inspiration to me. May God continue to use you mightily brother. Marty


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