Matthew 26; Jesus Called Judas “friend”!

I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

And Jesus said unto him, Friend, wherefore art thou come? Then came they, and laid hands on Jesus, and took him.  Matthew 26:50

Even after years of study I have no idea what Jesus, in His humanity was going through, in the garden that night He was betrayed. Many things impress me and I would like to share a couple of them here.

When Judas betrayed Jesus, did you notice what Jesus calls him in the verse above? He did not call him a traitor. He did not call him a back stabber. He called him friend. I don’t think Jesus was just trying to be nice either. Jesus always called things the way He saw them. He was straight forward even with the Pharisees calling them whited sepulchers and brood of vipers. So when Jesus called Judas friend I am sure as far as He was concerned they were friends. Jesus knew His war was not with flesh and blood but against Satan himself. Jesus looked past how Satan was using Judas and He saw a friend. Let us accept the invitation in 2 Peter 1:4 and partake of the divine nature, and look past the faults of those around us and only see friends as Christ did on the night He was betrayed.

In the next verse we read, “And, behold, one of them which were with Jesus stretched out [his] hand, and drew his sword, and struck a servant of the high priest’s, and smote off his ear.”


In Peter’s zeal for the right he cuts off the ear of a soldier arresting Jesus. We read how Jesus heals the ear and rebukes Peter who meant well but just went too far. Have I ever spoke a word in the defense of truth that hurt someone needlessly? I am afraid I have. I have asked Jesus to do for me what He did for Peter and heal the person that I needlessly wounded. Even in Gethsemane Jesus never stopped healing. He is a healing Jesus!



  1. Thanks for the beautiful thoughts, William! I have never thought of it quite like that before. Isn’t it great how you can read the same passage over and over again and get something new each time?! God bless you in your work there!


  2. I had read it before but I never understood why He chose to call Judas “friend”. The Spirit has guided you to a beautiful perspective and I appreciate you sharing it with us. I too said a quick prayer asking the Lord to heal those that I may have hurt as I zealously tried to defend the truth. I continue to pray that when I speak, my words may be seasoned with the Spirit and not my own ideas. Thanks again William for this entry. May God continue to bless you as you bless other.


  3. Jesus knew Judas will betray him. It sounds sarcastic that our Gracious Lord refers to him as “Friend” instead of his name, Judas. But if we can know the heart of Jesus, perhaps our Lord is trying to make Judas think that “Yes, you will betray me. (to say the least). But when that guilt overwhelms you, remember…you are my friend because I am your friend who will die for you.” Old Testament says that God has no pleasure in death. Can you imagine how Judas would have been if he remembered the words of Jesus and how Jesus really loves? He, like us, don’t appropriate that grace and love as Jesus wants us to. Is he any worse than Paul? Perhaps, he would have been better than Paul in explaining truth, grace and love? God has to choose another murderer (Paul, besides Moses and David) to explain why Jesus gave His life for us- dead (to our sins)? But then, if not by the grace of His Spirit, we all can be Judas (if we haven’t been one). Thank you Lord that you call us your chosen holy ones. You are so good. Help me understand, remember and believe.


    1. I think you are on the right track, however consider this…. Jesus called Peter “satan” when he tried to keep Jesus from going to the cross. Yet, he called Judas friend even when he knew he would betray him. Point being, any one who kept Jesus from fulfilling his appointed task, regardless of their standing or heart condition, was against the greater good. On the other hand, we’ll you can figure it out from here. May God bless!


      1. Exactly Dave. Jesus was not actually calling Peter Satan. Yet he knew where the spirit was coming from that made Peter say what he did, and Jesus was addressing that spirit and not Peter. He said “Get thee behind me Satan.” He was addressing Satan and not Peter.

  4. Thank you for your thoughts here. I never noticed Christ doing this…calling Judas “friend” and this is after His closest friends on earth could not stay awake for Him that night- were useless comforters to Jesus! What love He extends- a reminder to love those who disappoint me with the Love only He can give to me….


  5. “When Judas betrayed Jesus, did you notice what Jesus calls him in the verse above? He did not call him a traitor. He did not call him a back stabber. He called him friend. I don’t think Jesus was just trying to be nice either. Jesus always called things the way He saw them.”


  6. This is absolutely knowledge of them that desire to seek from God. I believed; as a member of the Disciple he acquired that title “friend” already even before the betrayal. Lets continue to search because I guess somewhere in the Bible reference was made to that effect.


    1. In John 15:15 Jesus referred to them as “friends” instead of servants because he thought they had grown from being a mere servants to friends for which Judas was part.


  7. True, but his betrayal of Jesus never changed Jesus’ mind about him. The love and forgiveness of Christ is so amazing!


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