Tampa First Adventist Youth Group Wants Your Sole!

While the Tampa First Seventh-day Adventist youth group, led by Pastor Claudette Aleman, has always been interested in your soul, now more than ever they really need your sole! Actually they want all the soles you can give them.  Their goal is to collect and give to those of the community in need,  1,000 or more pairs of shoes. Now we all know our soles are not  perfect, but if they are that’s great. New soles are accepted, as well as not so new soles. They want your sole even if it has been used, so long as it is still decent.  Normally at Tampa First we would tell you there is hope for your soul no matter what, but in the case of soles and shoes, we would ask they at least be decent.

You can mail your soles to the church or just bring them by. Either way, the address is Tampa First Seventh-day Adventist Church. 822 W. Linebaugh Ave. Tampa, Florida 33612. You can mark the package “Tampa First Youth Group”, or since we don’t really get that many shoes in the mail anyway, we will probably just know what they are for.

Everyone needs a sole! Thank you for giving your soles to those in need!

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