My Most Precious Memories

Tampa 003

I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

This morning I got a call from my doctor. He sounded very cheerful and told me he had good news! Immediately I thought he must have just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico. He laughed and told me no, that he had better news than that! My CPK blood count which had been as high as 1400 over the weekend was now at a perfect 78! He told me all of my blood work was perfect and that I have totally recovered. My hand is even writing good now or at least as good as it did before all this started.


Again I can’t begin to thank everyone for all their prayers and concerns! As I have stated in a previous blog from a few weeks ago I have always enjoyed good health and have rarely been sick. Having been so sick I now have a greater sympathy for those who are sick. While this sickness came and went very fast (Thank God!) it has left me with several lessons which I shall not soon forget and the first one is sympathy towards others. I hope to be more caring and sympathetic with those in pain.


I have also been very humbled at the calling God has given me to share the gospel. Many of you have shared with me that your concern was not for me alone but even more so for my ministry and the gospel. I have been very touched and humbled by people’s appreciation of the gospel ministry and their earnest desire for me to share the gospel with others. This is a trust that I have always treasured but now I treasure and cherish this calling ten times more than I ever have before.


Ever since I was four years old I knew I would be preaching the gospel. I grew up seeing myself as a public speaker. In the darkest hours of my sickness I had a personal revelation. Of course now that I have recovered I laugh at myself now for thinking that I may not recover, but there were a few hours there where I was not sure what was going to happen and when I thought the worse may occur, what I was most afraid to say goodbye to was not publicly preaching but rather all the families and individuals I have made friends with in personal one on one Bible studies. I have always enjoyed those personal studies, and the people I have met doing them, but I had no idea just how precious they were to me. In my darkest hour those moments in people’s homes, with our Bibles open were the most precious memories I had!! Thank God by His grace there will be many more precious moments to come!!!

By the way, the doctor says it was most likely a bug bite.

A New Look at Life

Sunsets St.Pete 011

I am writing from the beautiful Tampa Bay area today.


After spending the weekend in the Emergency Room I am feeling much better! I was not sure what I had, but my muscles were very weak and extremely painful. It took me five minutes to get the tab off a new orange juice carton. I about never got dressed for church, but had to since I have not missed a service in 20 twenty years.


The ER said my CPK count got up to over 1400 and is suppose to be less than 300. CPK is a chemical your body puts out when the muscles are shutting down. Thanks to much prayer my count is down to 700 and I feel great! My hand is writing a lot better too. I have been back to work the last three days now. I see the doctor again on Monday. We are still not sure what happened but need to find out. I love mysteries but not when they involve my health!


I want to thank those who have brought over food, visited, called and most of all prayed for me. While this has been a very painful ordeal it has also been very eye opening to see all the love that is out there. I appreciate it very much.


Friday night and Saturday night were very rough nights for me. Very painful and wondering what is wrong? Times like these call for much prayer and even some deep soul searching. Here are some conclusions I have made in the middle of those painful, prayerful nights.


It is foolish to ask God why bad things happen to good people for the simple fact that there are no good people for bad things to happen to. Psalms 14:3 When I wake up in the morning feeling good I praise my God who makes good things happen to bad people just like me! Romans 2:4, Ephesians 2:8-9.


I am going to take my health much more seriously. I thought it was frustrating when my computer or cell phone was not working right. Now I could care less how those things work or don’t work. I just want my body to work right and I need to take care of it!


I used to think that some people thought I over did the sunset and Florida scenery pictures. I don’t think God’s beauty in nature can be over appreciated now. If someone thought I was crazy for taking so many pictures I have news for them, I think you are crazy for not being out there taking pictures with me. I may have taken a million pictures and I plan on taking millions more.


Again, while some wonders get old to some people they never get old to me. I used to think I was silly when the airplane would be taking off and everyone was relaxing with their head sets on and eyes closed or their nose buried in a book, while I was looking out the window thinking “This is so cool!” even though its my 50th plane ride. Well guess what? On my next plane ride I will have a window seat and will be looking out the window thinking “This is so cool!” even though it will be my 51st plane ride. Life is too wonderful and precious and I don’t think I can over appreciate it.


I am going to let people know I love them no matter how corny it makes me look or how awkward it makes them feel. I am not going to worry if they love me back or not. Life is short and I only have time to love!


Love ya!