Growth Group Lesson #13 – Share

by Pr Denis Sand –

Objective of today’s dialogue: invite the group to give themselves completely out of love and to live as a family of God in their Growth Group.

Worship (15) – Worship
• Read Psalms 95:1-7
We want to see
Draw me close to you
• Who shared something with you for which you are thankful? Take time to thank God for those He placed in your life that have share what they have with you. Pray in groups.

Welcome (10) – Fellowship
• What kind of sacrifices your parents had to do for you?
• What kind of things were you willing to do, even sacrifice, for your sweet heart or loved one?

Word (25) – Discipleship
• Read 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12
• Why Paul says that his visit to Thessalonica was not a failure? v1,2
• What was the double motivation behind their visit and what should be ours in our GG? v3-6
• What is and how can we accomplish the two-fold mission of our GG? v8
• How do we get to have this love for people as our motivation so we are delighted to do it? v8
• How can we have the kind of commitment Paul had, especially for the members of our GG? v9
• Why do you thing Paul mentions the kind of live they lived among them? v10 Any teaching for us here?
• How can we accomplish the job described in v11-12 in our GG?
• What changes do we need to make in order to apply today’s message?
• What did you hear God telling you tonight?

• To do: Challenge the group to memorize and live our GG key text: 1 Thessalonians 2.8

Works – Witness (20) – Ministry & Evangelism
• Leader, this is the time to shared the vision with passion! invite everyone to join the vision not simply a group meeting. Invite them to become the family of God that reaches for the lost.
• Being this the first meeting of this new group, reflect with the group on how are we going to make this group not only work but multiply?
• Talk about details: when will we meet, where, who will be invited, how are we going to work, who are the leaders, what are our responsibilities
• How can this group pray for you tonight?

Refreshments– Fellowship – (all groups together)
• When you talk, concentrate on praising God for what He has done with out GG!
• Get to know people.

Additional Resources: Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 25

Kevin Craig Gets Hole-In-One!


Kevin Craig receiving his baptismal certificate last February.






Kevin holding the ball and six iron he used for his 150 yard, par 3 hole in one!



This morning, our small golf group at the Tampa First SDA Church witnessed one of the rarest sports feats, a hole-in-one! Kevin Craig, who was baptized just last February, came for the first time to our small golf group. Besides picking up a club a time or two in England this was his first golf game. We took a couple minutes on the driving range with Richard who was making his first appearance too. Then on the second hole the unbelievable happened! Using his 6 iron, 150 yards away on a par 3 Kevin hit the ball up onto the green. We were not sure where it was exactly but we knew it was on the green. As we approached the green we were puzzled because we could not see the ball. The thought of someone getting a hole in one on the second fairway they ever played on never entered our mind. But it happened! There the ball was in the cup, a hole in one!  Amazing!



The rest of us were very excited but Kevin did not at first really realize what he did. He was excited but did not realize just how rare a hole in one is. It is rarer than a triple play or inside the park homerun in baseball. It is about the rarest feat in all of sports! Few people have ever had a hole in one. Many play their entire lives and never get a hole in one and today Kevin got one on the second hole he ever played on! It is also the first hole in one I have ever seen. I would love to hit my own one day, but today it was exciting just to see Kevin get his! Way to go Kevin! Click here for more pictures and stories about Kevin and our small golf group today.




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